About Stichting Hippo Mundo Charity



Stichting Hippo Mundo Charity (HMC) supports humanitarian and Christian charitable initiatives and projects in second- and third-world countries.

HMC wants to help (groups of) people and stimulate them to get a dignified life with prospects and on a biblical foundation.


HMC’s goal is the support of humanitarian and charitable activities in the broadest sense, for the benefit of mission and Christian service and helpfulness.

This goal is reached in part by:

  1. Granting financial support to Christian and humanitarian goals around the world in the form of gifts, subsidies and donations;
  2. Participating in legal persons, including especially legal persons with a Christian and/or humanitarian objective;
  3. Granting loans to legal persons with a Christian and/or humanitarian objective around the world.

HMC has no profit motive. Income – like interest – will benefit humanitarian and charitable activities mentioned in the objectives. For participation, HMC has a long-term planning horizon. These participations are not made with the purpose to obtain benefits, but should they arise then this will eventually also benefit the intended purpose, particularly in the form of grant aid as mentioned in 1) and 3).


HMC supports organisations for the benefit of Christian and charitable activities in the broadest sense of the word. HMC’s management tests initiatives and support application against the foundation’s goals. Donations given, loans granted and participations are evaluated. HMC supports the following goals:

  1. Conferences and gatherings

HMC gives gifts and donations to (legal) persons all around the world who use it to organise Christian conferences and gatherings. The money from these donations is used to pay for, among other things, renting accommodations, audio-visual aids and other facility costs.

  1. Missionary work

HMC makes gifts and donations to international organisations for missionary work. These donations are intended to help pay for, among other things, travel costs, and to set up missionary projects with a humanitarian or charitable character.

  1. Supporting the development of meeting locations

HMC can wholly or partially give support through gifts, loans or participations for the purpose of building a meeting centre, church buildings and conference centres for Christian gatherings in target regions such as Africa, Asia, South-America and Eastern Europe. Generally speaking, these are multi-year projects.

  1. Social projects

On a limited scale, HMC can also support employment projects or projects that contribute to better living and working conditions for workers in the target regions mentioned above. Thus, with the help of donations several projects are supported that are dealing with increasing the resilience of children and young people through therapy by using horses. Considering the history of HMC it also participated in community projects with a view to providing employment and the development and promotion of Christian missionary work, mostly in developing countries. New investments are not currently provided

Brunstad Christian Church

Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) is a Christian community of faith that originated in Norway on May 17, 1898. The conversion of the Norwegian Johan O. Smith underlies it. BCC is a result of his life and activity. BCC currently has local congregations in 54 countries across all continents. BCC in the Netherlands has a dozen churches and is known as Christelijke Gemeente Nederland.

BCC is registered as a religious community and a public welfare organization under Norwegian law.

Hippo Mundo Charity Foundation has, as a Dutch public welfare institution, facilitated and supported the charitable and humanitarian activities of BCC in the past decade, among others in developing countries.


Hippo Mundo Charity Foundation (HMC) was founded on December 29, 2009 from the merger of the Dutch Christian Charity and Hippo Mundo Foundations. Together they continued under the name Hippo Mundo Charity Foundation. HMC therefore has its roots both in equestrian, mission and international Christian charitable and humanitarian activity. In countries with little religious freedom, the activities related to the equestrian formed the means to proclaim the Christian message in a particular region. In addition, the work made an important regional contribution to employment and the improvement of the living standards of the local population in the form of providing steady income and work experience.


HMC chooses a supporting and facilitating position to achieve its target rather than perform the projects themselves. The organization is therefore limited. The foundation is run by the foundation’s board, which is supported by professionals with specialized knowledge and experience.


The board is autonomous and can take decisions within the statutory provisions. The board decides by majority vote. The board members enjoy no remuneration for their work. They have the right to reimbursement of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

The board consists of:

Mr. D.E. Nooitgedagt       Interim-chairman

Ms. M.F. Zwart                 Secretary

Mr. L.W. Fourie                Treasurer


For every initiative and/or project that HMC supports, a file is created in which the project will be documented and given account of. Depending on the nature and the size of the project, the file will be more concise or extensive. This is subject to the judgment of the management.

Raising and spending of funds

HMC raises its funds from gifts and donations, interest income and dividends. A large part of the start-up capital of the HMC foundation was acquired thanks to donations from some Norwegian entrepreneurs. Kåre J. Smith and Bernt Aksel Larsen, together with the Finn-Tack company, invested in two dilapidated properties with the aim that the profits would go to charity. It concerned a business center in St. Petersburg and a factory for the production of building elements for the housing and bungalow market. They wanted the proceeds from these objects to benefit Christian and humanitarian projects.

In order to realise its objectives, HMC deploys its capital by making donations, granting loans, or participating in the (legal persons of) supported causes.

Kaluskij Per. 3, St. Petersburg, remodeled business center