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HMC project in Ukraine hosting refugees

About 140 refugees are currently being accommodated in the ‘Parus’ church building and conference venue in Ozorne, Ukraine, which was built with help from HMC. The BCC congregation building at Ozorne is close to the borders of Moldova and Romania, and the nearby town of Izmayil has become a gathering place for refugees during this period.

Published on 5 May 2022

Refugees may stay in ‘Parus’ for about two to three weeks, after which they will seek permanent residence or leave Ukraine. It was originally planned to host only refugees from Marioepol, but the people now staying there come from various areas of Ukraine where they were forced to leave their homes.

Watch a video about the reception of refugees at Christian centre ‘Parus’ (English subtitles available via bottom right button)

A Baptist church in the area is in charge of coordinating the shelter at the Parus centre, and volunteers from different churches alternate in organising the catering. BCC Ozorne provides catering on Mondays.

In this way, the centre is used by various Christian churches in the area to meet an urgent humanitarian need. As the board of the HMC Foundation, we are very grateful that we were allowed to contribute to the construction of this conference venue, which is normally used for church services of the local Christian church, but now also makes a humanitarian contribution to the Ukrainian people in need, in cooperation with other Christian organisations.

Around 140 refugees can spend two to three weeks in the church building at BCC Ozorne
The Christian mission centre is close to the borders of Romania and Moldova and has overnight accommodation. It is usually used by the local Christian community of BCC Ozorne and as an international conference centre for Christians from Ukraine and Moldova.
Young people entertain in the outdoor area of the conference venue.