10 April 2024

University Short Courses – Latest addition to HMC’s CYEP Program in Africa

On 7 February 2024, a significant milestone in the Christian Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP) was achieved with the launch of the formal Vaal University of Technology’s (VUT) short training program, tailored for CYDP / CYEP participants: Small Business Management and Community Development Program (SBMCDP). Dignitaries from various African embassies and esteemed guests convened at the Stephanopark Conference Centre in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa for the inauguration of this transformative initiative, fostering economic growth and social cohesion […]
9 November 2023

Summary of HMC’s current programs in Africa

This article provides a summarized update on HMC’s three different programs in Africa during May – August 2023, i.e. Christian Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP), Christian Travel Program (CTP) and Online Mission Content Development (OMCD).  Christian Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP)  HMC is committed to enhancing the lives of youth through the Christian Youth Empowerment Program (CYEP). In partnership with SCC Services, Brunstad Christian Church South Africa (BCCSA), and local vocational companies offering training opportunities, the program […]
18 January 2023

Norwegian media expert wrote book on HMC

A book was released this week that documents and puts into context the developments and media coverage surrounding Van der L.’s fraud. The book was written by media expert Dag Christensen and published by publishing house Kyros. The HMC Foundation is happy to bring the book to the attention of relations and stakeholders. “Now that calm has largely returned, most of the money misappropriated by fraud has been returned and HMC is back in full […]
7 December 2022

HMC project in Ukraine hosting refugees

About 140 refugees are currently being accommodated in the ‘Parus’ church building and conference venue in Ozorne, Ukraine, which was built with help from HMC. The BCC congregation building at Ozorne is close to the borders of Moldova and Romania, and the nearby town of Izmayil has become a gathering place for refugees during this period. Published on 5 May 2022 Refugees may stay in ‘Parus’ for about two to three weeks, after which they […]
3 December 2022

Youth from South Africa travel to Christian conference in Norway

About 80 young people from South Africa travelled to Norway in April for an international youth conference from 9 to 13 April, organised by Brunstad Ungdomsklubb (Brunstad Youth Club). The HMC Foundation made this trip possible.aakt. Published on 2 May 2022 It is a plane journey of about 13 hours, and the preparations brought the necessary challenges, says Grethe, one of the organisers of the trip. “We had already applied for the visas in March, […]
3 November 2022

Church Support Programme in Africa

Workshops South Africa February 2022 February 2022. Summer in the southern hemisphere is drawing to a close. At a peaceful location in Gauteng, South Africa, about 100 international visitors from other parts of Africa have arrived over the past few days. They are participants from church congregations from Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Congo and Cameroon. Together with a number of church members from South Africa, they form a diverse group of old and young, male […]
21 April 2022

Conviction in fraud case reported by HMC

Published on: Thursday 21 April 2022 Six years after Stichting Hippo Mundo Charity (HMC) reported large-scale fraud of which HMC is a victim, the Gelderland District Court (Zutphen location) has today rendered a verdict and a conviction has been imposed on Jonathan van der L., his girlfriend and co-defendant Frederique P., and two companies founded by him. HMC is looking forward to the fact that after a 6-year procedure peace will return and it will […]
24 February 2022

Victim statement HMC in criminal case against fraud suspect Van der L.

On 24 and 25 February, hearings will be held for the substantive hearing of a criminal case instituted by the Public Prosecution Service against Jonathan van der L. on the basis of a report from Stichting HMC. Published on 24 February 2022 Van der L. is suspected of large-scale fraud, money laundering, forgery of documents and participation in a criminal organisation. Chairman David Nooitgedagt is present in the District Court of Gelderland to represent the […]
24 July 2020

Man charged with large-scale fraud must repay more than 8 million

Heerhugowaard, 24 July 2020 Jonathan van der L. , former director of the charity foundation Hippo Mundo Charity (HMC), has to repay more than 8 million euros plus interest to HMC on the basis of a civil judgment. The verdict came on 24 July 2020 from the District Court of Central Netherlands. ‘This verdict is very gratifying for HMC, it is as clear as we could wish for,’ says David Nooitgedagt, spokesman of the HMC […]
5 November 2016

Publication – Activity Report HMC 2012-2016

Download the Activity Report HMC  2012-2016 here.