Solar das Primaveras, Brazil

Waihi, New Zealand
5 October 2016
Paso Flores, Patagonia in Argentina
5 October 2016

Conference center in Brazil

The conference center “Solar das Primaveras” serves as a regional center for missionary for Christians from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. The center can accommodate 150 people and features, besides a conference hall, also facilities for lodging and various sports and play facilities for children and youth.

Third parties can make use of the conference center. This creates jobs for people in the area.

Central location

Already in 1999 actions were taken in Brazil for a future conference centre. A central location was found in Cabreüva, at 80 kilometres’ distance from the capital Sao Paulo. This central location is easy to reach and so offers an opportunity to many people from the region to come together and to convene for Christian meetings.Construction of the conference centre was partially carried out by volunteers and professionals from Europe.

Participation of HMC

HMC made donations for the realization of this conference center in 2010 and 2012.